GPS Tracking Service

Trendspotter Fleet Management System (TFMS)

This fleet management systems developed by our in-house development team not only allows you to track and manage your transportation fleet, it also has the ability to create various reports and alerts based on real-time GPS data.

Settings can be done to notify users one month before the expiration date of car maintenance and insurance as a reminder. Is is also possible to set up planned routes for each vehicle to follow and alert customer’s monitor center when a vehicle goes out of route.

In terms of delivery of goods, the system can be provide current status of all vehicles and the expected time of delivery to destination. If a delay of delivery may occur, the system will show a delay condition and do calculations based on the average speed and remaining distance to show estimated time of delay.

In terms of anti-theft, the system allows you to control engine status remotely, and has built-in mechanism to detect and alert if a device is being disconnected from external (vehicle) power supply.

GPS Fleet Management System for LogisticsGPS Fleet Management System for Logistics

Allows administrators to keep tracking records up to 1 year. At the same time, it allows you to monitor the fleet  efficiently. Optional components such as cameras, fuel sensors, temperature sensors and more can be installed when required.

car3GPS Tracking System for Passenger Cars

Allows individuals to receive notifications on their smart phones whenever their cars encounter any theft activities.

KawasakiGPS Tracking System for Motorbikes

Extra low-power sleep modes ensure your motorbike’s batteries will not run out when not being used, while enabling you to keep track on where exactly your bike is.

phone1GPS Monitoring on Mobile Devices

The mobile version of the system allows you to keep track on all your devices on the go.

Brief Introduction of TFMS Features (Free demonstration available upon request!)

TFMS Realtime Screen“Home” page of the fleet management system, each customer will receive an account name and password to log-in to the system. This will be the page where customers can access settings, reports and history GPS data.
TFMS Car ListVehicle List This screen shows plate number, driver information, travel speed, current address, temperature, fuel level, and total odometer.
TFMS History TrackHistory Track History data contains the most detailed, every 30 seconds, GPS records that can be rendered and played back on the map.
TFMS Speed ReportSpeed Report This report shows the speed graph in 5 different colors: Green – Moving vehicle, Black – Parked with engine off, Orange – Idle stay (parked with engine on), Red – Emergency alert, Blue – Overspeed
TFMS History DataHistory Records This report shows detailed GPS coordinate information for every 30 seconds.
TFMS Overspeed ReportOverspeed Report Overspeed report shows times offended, where, and when the overspeeding happened in a detailed view.
TFMS Marker Daily ReportMarker Daily Report This report shows trips between marked points and shows when and where the car departed and arrived, as well as driving time, idle stay time, distance, fastest speed, stop count, and number of overspeedings. 
TFMS Adding Custom MarkerCustom Markers TFMS allows you to define unlimited number of places on the map so you know when your vehicles are going to them. You can define petrol or gas stations, customers, buildings, offices, and even temples as you like.
Call Center Call Center

We have a call center ready to serve customers for all kinds of problems. As the call center receive customers call regarding GPS tracking problems, the staff will record details and first provide advice via phone or email on how to solve the problems. If the problem is too complicated or requires on-site inspection, a technician will be sent to customer’s specified location to perform troubleshooting. We perform regular training of employees to understand different kinds of problems and steps to solve them.

7 Days / Week On-site Technicians

Sample photos taken during servicing at the customer’s site

After the call center staff inform the technician regarding the customer’s issues, technicians will contact the customer to schedule the date of visit and exact service location according to customer’s convenience.