About Us

Trendspotters Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. focuses on providing the BEST GPS products, services, and customization for individually and company owned vehicles (Trucks, Cars, Bikes, and more). With our GPS tracking service supported by the latest technology from all over the world, which allows each of our customers to receive the best GPS tracking service for their vehicles’ security, safety, and manageability. Meanwhile, as the technology changes rapidly, we provide our customers up to date systems (software and hardware) which meets the requirements of each individual customer.

Advancement of Trendspotter Technology

Trendspotters Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on February 26, 2010 as a company reselling technology equipments such as servers, network equipments, telecommunication products, and GPS tracking devices for SMEs in Thailand. We have highly trained technicians for different fields in the industry.

In 2011, we developed our own in-house GPS tracking software with our own set of cloud servers to provide 24 hours un-interrupted service. Due to the simplicity of the system and best services, we’ve gained high level of trust from our customers, and expanded the business from domestic to worldwide.

As a service-oriented technology company, Trendspotter strives to improve infrastructure, software, and service all the time. Trendspotter spots the trends!

Our Business Partners

  Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
Total Access Communication PLC.

Advanced Info Service PLC


True Move H

True IDC Co., Ltd.